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What is the NYS Immunization Information System?

NYSIIS: What It’s All About

NYSIIS: New York State Immunization Information SystemNYSIIS, the New York State Immunization Information System, is a free, web-based statewide immunization registry. NYSIIS collects and stores immunization records of all New Yorkers. NYSIIS offers you a complete, accurate, secure, real-time immunization record that is easily accessible by any of your health care providers.

Does my provider participate in NYSIIS?

Health care providers are required, by law, to enter all vaccines administered to children up to age 19 into NYSIIS. Immunizations administered to adults 19 and older may be included in NYSIIS – with your consent. You need only provide verbal consent; however some providers may prefer to obtain written consent. Ask your provider if they participate in NYSIIS!

How does NYSIIS benefit me?

An accurate, secure and real-time immunization record provides numerous benefits for you. Because it allows any of your health care providers to access your immunization record, it identifies which vaccines you’ve received and which ones you may need. For those adults who had records entered into NYSIIS as a child, it provides the opportunity to keep a complete record of both your childhood vaccinations and adult vaccinations. NYSIIS also provides you with an official vaccination record should you need to provide it for school enrollment or employment purposes. And in the event you are exposed to a vaccine-preventable disease, NYSIIS can help protect you by allowing public health professionals and health care providers to quickly identify whether or not you need vaccination or other preventive care.

Who can enter and see data in NYSIIS?

With your consent, health care providers including medical doctors, registered nurses and pharmacists enter data in NYSIIS. Pharmacists and registered nurses are required by law to enter adult vaccinations into NYSIIS and should always ask if you’ve consented to include your immunization record in NYSIIS.

How does NYSIIS protect my data?

All authorized users of NYSIIS agree to handle all information in a confidential manner similar to any other confidential medical information, and to access information only for healthcare or public health purposes. NYSIIS only includes a record of vaccines you’ve received and contains no other personal medical information.
To keep your record private, providers need to go through several steps when signing up for NYSIIS. The steps include:

  • NYSDOH checks the provider’s license.
  • Provider signs a NYSDOH confidentiality form protecting the information.
  • Provider is given their own account and password to use every time they enter NYSIIS.
  • Provider attends NYSIIS system training.
  • Your provider may grant access to certain members of their staff to enter records. Your provider is responsible for the information put in your record by his/her staff.

How can I get a copy of my NYSIIS immunization record?

You may obtain your record from your health care provider, public health department or by requesting the record from the NYSDOH Bureau of Immunization.

Are the vaccines I received as a child recorded in NYSIIS?

NYSIIS launched in early 2008. If you were born before 1990 it is unlikely that NYSIIS will have any record of immunizations you received as a child. The sooner your vaccinations are reported to NYSIIS, the sooner your NYSIIS record will accurately reflect your adult immunization history. Young adults (born after 1990) are strongly encouraged to consent to continue to have their shots included in NYSIIS, as this will maintain a complete history beyond their childhood vaccinations.

Does NYSIIS keep my health records and personal identity secure?

Through built-in security features, only health care providers and other authorized users will be allowed direct access to a patient’s records. When searching for a specific patient the system will require accurate information to yield a match to protect confidentiality. NYSIIS uses unique identifiers to locate your record and does not use social security numbers. NYSIIS stores a limited amount of personal information (name, date of birth, address, etc.) as well as type of vaccine and date given and vaccine manufacturer and lot number.

How soon will NYSIIS be able to see my updated records following an immunization?

All immunizations must be submitted to NYSIIS within 14 days of the vaccine(s) being administered.

Do I have to pay to participate in NYSIIS?

No. There is no cost associated with your record being stored in NYSIIS.

What happens if I no longer wish to participate in NYSIIS?

If you consented to participate in NYSIIS, you can choose at any point to withdraw your consent. All information entered in NYSIIS to that point will remain in the system, but no new vaccinations administered to you will be entered once consent is withdrawn.