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Parents - Don't Wait Vaccinate!

Parents: Vaccines for Children

Parents - Don't Wait Vaccinate!.Parenting can be an exciting and challenging experience. From day one, you make decisions to protect your child. Vaccines for children are one of the most important protections. The Campaign to ImmuNYze All New Yorkers offers reliable, science-based vaccine information for children and vaccine-preventable diseases.


Pneumococcal Vaccine

Invasive pneumococcal disease in children can lead to brain damage, deafness or even death. There is a pneumococcal vaccine for children and physicians strongly advise parents to have their children vaccinated. Battling pneumococcal disease with antibiotics can have little success in some cases.

Teach Your Child About Vaccines

Teach your child about vaccines with this fun coloring book, and learn about vaccine-preventable diseases and child vaccines in this easy to read e-book from Every Child By Two.

Immunize By Two! Coloring Book
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Every Child By Two E-Book
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Free Vaccines for Children

Vaccines for Children

Worried about paying for vaccines? The federal Vaccines for Children (VFC) program offers free vaccines for children who are eligible. To learn more about low-cost and free vaccines for children in New York, visit the Centers for Disease Control or contact your local health department.

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The Journey of Your Child’s Vaccine

The Journey of Your Child's Vaccine

You work hard to help keep your baby safe and healthy. This includes following the newborn vaccination schedule and vaccinating your baby on time, every time. To learn more about the steps that CDC, FDA and vaccine manufacturers take to ensure that vaccines are safe and effective, view the Journey of Your Child’s Vaccine Infographic.





What Does My Doctor Recommend?

American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations

It’s important to talk to your health care provider about all your child’s health care needs, including childhood vaccinations. Your pediatrician or family physician can talk to you about child vaccines and the diseases they prevent, as well as answer your questions about vaccine safety and the pediatric vaccine schedule. Learn more about recommended vaccines for children from the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Immunization Schedules for Children & Teens

Easy to Read Vaccination Charts

Immunization schedules provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) display a recommended list of vaccines that are designed to protect babies, children, and teens from life-threatening diseases. The charts display the recommended age that children receive their vaccinations, and also allow parents to create personalized immunization schedules for children.

Easy to Read Vaccine Schedule For Children Immunization Schedules for Children >>
Easy to Read Vaccine Schedule For Pre-teens and Teens Immunization Schedules for Pre-Teens & Teens >>

When Should MY Child Be Vaccinated?

Childhood Immunization Scheduler

Would you like a personalized immunization schedule just for your child? Visit the CDC’s Instant Childhood Immunization Scheduler to create a personal schedule of when your child should receive each vaccine. As always, your child has unique health needs and you should discuss your child’s schedule with his or her health care provider.


Confused About Vaccines?

There’s so much information about vaccines and vaccine safety online and in the media that sometimes it’s hard to separate the facts from the fiction. To learn more about the common misconceptions regarding vaccines from the New York State Department of Health.

Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know

Vaccines on the Go: What You Should KnowLooking for up-to-date and accurate vaccine information on the go? There’s an app for that! The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s ‘Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know’ puts the information right at your fingertip, anytime you need it. Download the ‘Vaccine on the Go: What You Should Know’ app.


Important Information About the Rotavirus

Rotavirus will present itself in children as a bad cold or upset stomach. It’s important that a parent is aware of the rotavirus symptoms and seek rotavirus treatment as soon as possible.