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ImmuNYze: NY Vaccination Campaign

The Campaign to ImmuNYze all New Yorkers is a vaccination initiative of the County Health Officials of New York (NYSACHO), bringing together patients, parents, providers and campaign partners. Our goal: to heighten awareness of the need to immunize throughout life—from infancy through senior years - by offering reliable, science-based information on vaccinations and vaccine-preventable diseases.

Parenting can be an exciting and challenging experience. From day one, you make daily decisions to protect your child. Vaccinating your child is one of the most important protections.

Vaccines are not just for children! All adults need immunizations to stay healthy and live a long life. Visit our patient page to learn more.

Up to date vaccine information and engaging educational materials are available for download, at no cost to you.

Working together, we can ImmuNYze all New Yorkers. Learn more about our Campaign Partners.

About ImmuNYze

About ImmuNYzeThe Campaign strives to provide up-to-date, accessible information about adult and child immunizations with the goal of increasing vaccination rates throughout the state. Through a combination of print materials, social media and radio buys, as well as the information and downloadable documents on this website, the Campaign’s upbeat messages will be made available to the public, providers and our partners.

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Con salud, todo es posible. Vacune a sus hijos. CDC